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How Does Synthetic Turf Feel Like The Real Thing?

artificial turf feels real

Synthetic turf is designed with the idea that you can have all of the advantages of natural grass without all the disadvantages. So, artificial grass is manufactured to always look good, be durable over a decade, and yet not have all the muss and fuss of upkeep.

Synthetic turf for home properties isn’t the same kind you’ve always seen in sports arenas and athletic centers. That artificial grass is short and has a good bit of padding. That suits the purposes of increasing speed and providing cushion for athletes.

Home property owners don’t need speed or heavy cushion. Instead, they look for good looks and a natural feel. Homeowners want their families to enjoy their yards and their children to be able to freely play without bug bites and grass stains. Synthetic turf accomplishes all of that.

The Feel of Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf feels great on the feet. The infill has a lot to do with that. There are several types of infill that add a cushion. Some infills also prevent bacteria from spreading because they have a microbial coating that stops it in its tracks. This is incredibly helpful if you have pets that use the bathroom outside or children who routinely roll around in the yard or play close to the ground.

A natural yard has a natural cushion for impact. Dirt has a lot of movement from things like earthworms and other insects as wells as roots. That keeps it soft and pliable because the movement keeps it from getting hard. Synthetic turf seeks to emulate that with the infill. Infill also keeps the blades from becoming trampled under feet because they help keep the blades standing straight.

The Look of Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf is made to look both natural and perfect at the same time. First, it is produced to be the perfect length to have the most comfort to the touch than natural grass. It’s proven the best length for grass to offer the most natural comfort is between 2 1/2 and 3 inches. That is the length of synthetic grass products.

While natural grass must be cut regularly to maintain that exact length, artificial grass requires no cutting. In fact, it requires little maintenance at all. Of course, the real savings are in water because synthetic turf doesn’t need to be watered. However, it also doesn’t need things like pesticides, fertilizer, or other chemicals to continue to look good.

The two things that artificial grass does require is an occasional spray down with a hose, particularly if there is a stain or pet urination. The second thing it will need is to brush it sometimes to make blades that are trampled stand straight again.

Removing Troubling Areas

One problem with natural grass is the property has natural problem areas. It could have muddy spots or areas that collect water. That could make it slippery or a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

When you have synthetic grass installed, the installation crew will level out this area when they grade the property. This removes all the dips and valleys that create water collection issues. Having a level yard makes the entire space more comfortable and easy to walk or play in. So you just feel more at home in your yard.

Those considering an option to a high-maintenance natural grass yard should look to synthetic turf. It consistently looks and feels good and can be used in a variety of ways to improve the overall appearance of your yard.

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Synthetic Grass Makes Your Lawn More Enjoyable… Learn How!

artificial turf can keep your family healthy

Synthetic grass can create a beautiful yard that you and your family will have time to actually enjoy. Although buying and installing artificial turf has an up-front cost, you will find it is a cost that pays you back over the long run in several ways. Continue reading Synthetic Grass Makes Your Lawn More Enjoyable… Learn How!

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Make Your Lawn Safer For Children And Cleaner for your Home with Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf with children and animals

Children love to play and parents get some relief when the kids play outside. However, outdoor play can be troublesome too. Children can scrape elbows or knees, but also can be exposed to things like pesticides, fertilizers and pests. This can cause them long-term health issues.

Synthetic turf reduces or eliminates many of those problems. This makes it a great choice for parents who want their children to enjoy the outside more instead of participating in activities like gaming or social media. Outdoor play provides exercise and studies show it also increases imagination and problem-solving skills.

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Commercial Property Can Enjoy The Benefits Of Artificial Grass Too!

artificial grass

Is your business ready for artificial turf? In business, it is critical to make a great first impression. A lot of the time it could mean the difference between a sale or a lost sale. Very often the outside of your company is the first thing a potential customer will see and this will either give them a calming feeling or a reason to be alarmed. Depending on your business, it could be what draws their attention and the reason a customer comes into your store.

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Learn How To Escape Your Allergies With Synthetic Turf

allergies elminated by turf

Allergies can ruin a lot of fun when they hit. If you plan on hosting an outdoor event at our house, you may want to consider what your patrons would need. Of course, they are looking for fun and food, but have you thought about other issues like allergies?

Many people today are affected by troublesome allergies of all kinds. And some are specifically allergic to grass. It is becoming more common and as solutions become available, one of the easiest and most effective ways to eliminate this issue is by installing synthetic turf.

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Keep Your School Cleaner and Safer With Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf playground

The playgrounds and fields around schools can lead to many issues. The first most common issue is creating dirty halls and classrooms. The second is the safety concerns that come along with a natural lawn. No matter the reason (recess, PE, etc), grassy areas at school can create a lot of problems for schools.
Hundreds of kids skip, walk, stroll, and run through those lawns daily and at any time that could turn your school into a dirty mess or a student could have a freak accident. What if you could help prevent injuries and stop dirt and mud from being tracked into the school with one solution? You can by installing turf from Artificial Turf Express.

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Don’t Cut Grass, Cut Time & Money with Synthetic Turf

Cut time and money with synthetic turf

Excited about cutting grass? Ready to spend more money on lawn care? We know your not and we are here to help with synthetic turf.

Stop spending your hard earned cash and valuable time on lawn upkeep. Installing synthetic turf on your property can eliminate the time spent on maintaining your natural lawn. Simple things like mowing, trimming, and weed-eating can be gone forever with the installation of turf! Forget about spending hours and hours on lawn work!

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Learn How Synthetic Turf Has Changed Since Its Creation

extend life of artificial grass

The trend in recent years is individuals changing to a synthetic yard for its cost-effectiveness, as well as environmental factors. There have been many turf debates questioning the use of an artificial lawn, but more and more people have started switching their lawns to artificial turf. It was initially introduced on football fields in the 1960s, but now critics are finding out the advantages of having it in their yard. Today, Home Owner Associates, schools, as well as various other companies have actually realized the benefits and the lifetime of savings that come from synthetic grass, which has increased its installation rate. So is artificial grass the lawn of the future? We think so!

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Creative Uses for Synthetic Turf

creative uses for synthetic lawns

Looking for more creative uses for synthetic turf? Here are some of our suggestions!

Synthetic lawns are often used for sports, however property owners are uncovering that having a drought-resistant lawn could hold numerous advantages. Also, that there are many creative uses for synthetic turf that aren’t usually considered. Considering that artificial turf needs no mowing, cutting or water, homeowners conserve money and time on landscaping. In addition, having a lavish, environment-friendly landscape is aesthetically beautiful, and also the soft blades are optimal for other uses. Here are some of the ideas we’ve used.

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