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Best Artificial Turf Infill To Use With Pets


artificial grass infill for dogsPets love artificial grass. They can’t tell the difference between a synthetic grass product and the real thing. Artificial grass allows them to run, play, roll on the ground without the problem of fleas, ticks, other bugs, grass in their fur and the smell of the great outdoors. But your pets will use the bathroom outside on artificial grass just like they would on natural grass. So, one of the most important components of your pet artificial grass installation is the artificial turf infill. This is particularly important to pets because it is the artificial turf infill that helps with drainage, smells, and bacteria. Continue reading Best Artificial Turf Infill To Use With Pets

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Steps to Preparing the Ground Like a DIY Pro for the Best Putting Greens

outdoor putting green turf

The foundation for the best putting greens is as important as the number of holes, flags and tee boxes on the course. It defines the golf experience. Professional installers have the advantage of having a whole team, complete equipment and years of experience to execute this part of the project smoothly.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take the DIY route for your dream green. Preparing the ground for your artificial turf involves several steps that you can easily follow with the right research and tools.

How to Prepare the Ground for Artificial Grass

Before you kick start your turf laying project, make sure to conduct in-depth research on the installation process. Synthetic turf is a significant investment, and how well it’s installed will determine your lawn experience for years to come.

Below are quick tips on how to prepare the ground for the best artificial turf:

1. Identify soil type and ground conditions.

Determining your lawn’s ground conditions and soil type will help you understand how well it drains. This is important when selecting the turf aggregate. Don’t skip this process. It will affect everything from how much work you need to lay the foundation to the type of infill, turf, accessories and techniques you’ll need to use.

2. Remove all organics.

Next, remove the existing layer of natural turf to prevent root materials and other obstructions from hindering the installation. Keep in mind that standard base construction typically requires working down to a depth of 3-4 inches on average. This can increase depending on the type of installation.

3. Add a weed barrier

Protect the turf foundation by adding a weed barrier or geotextile layer to prevent organic growth from penetrating artificial grass.

4. Spread ou base rock

When following the best practices of artificial grass installation, you will need to add base rock to the turf foundation. We have found that a 2:1 mixture of Class 2 Permeable Base (3/4” pieces) and gray fines yields the best results. However, your artificial turf supplier can help you select the most suitable base material for your installation.

5. Compact the ground.

Create a stable and sturdy base for the best synthetic grass for dogs in San Jose by compacting the surface after your base material is laid out. Your base layer should be half inch to inch lower than any surrounding hardscapes (driveway, sidewalks, edging etc). For best results, consider borrowing or renting an electric compaction plate. If any crease remains after compacting the surface, smooth them out with a straight piece of timber. This will create a perfectly level surface for laying the turf.

Install Turf Like a Pro with Artificial Turf Express

Once you’ve prepared the ground, you can now install artificial grass to enjoy the best putting greens, playgrounds, dog runs and synthetic yard for your home!

Artificial Turf Express can provide everything you need for a successful project, including all the top-quality synthetic grass products and accessories you may need. Call us at 408-960-2255 to see how we can help with your next project!

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The Ideal Grass Accessories for the Best Artificial Turf in San Jose

Crumb Rubber for artifcial turf

Taking the DIY approach for your synthetic lawn project is a great way to save money during installation. Just make sure not to cut corners with your materials. Invest only in the best artificial turf in San Jose for your landscape. Complement it with top-of-the-line grass accessories to maximize your lawn experience.

3 Types of Accessories for Landscaping Turf

Artificial grass accessories contribute to your landscape’s low upkeep characteristics. They increase the turf’s durability, enhance its drainage abilities and improve its realistic look and feel. Most of them serve specific purposes.

Select grass accessories strategically. Remember, they will have a significant impact on your lawn experience. Here are the most popular grass accessories that will help you create your ideal landscape:

1. Infill

Infill is undoubtedly one of the best artificial grass accessories in the market. It makes the turf more durable, absorbs shock and provides stability to the surface. Non-toxic and non-allergenic infill also increases the installation’s resistance to fire.

Common types of infill include:

• Sand Turf – Composed of silica sand, sand turf is one of the most versatile infill types for artificial grass.
• Crumb Rubber – This is frequently used for landscaping, playground and sports installations.
• Shell Tech – Made of granulated walnut shells, shell tech infill stays cooler under heat compared with silica sand and crumb rubber.
• Envirofill Acrylic-Coated Infill – This features microban technology, which offers resistance to bacteria. Envirofill acrylic-coated infill is a popular option for pet installations.
Zeofill – This is perfect for pet areas, dog runs, playgrounds and landscaping thanks to its odor control properties.

2. Padding

The padding provides support for the turf’s backing. It helps prevent serious injuries due to slips and falls, which are major concerns when playing on natural grass.

• Brock Foam Shock Pad – This is an underlayment developed specifically for sports fields. It is now a popular cushioning option for residential spaces.

• Play Padding – With its exceptional cushioning traits, play padding is ideal for playgrounds and sports areas. Its porous material prevents water from gathering inside the padding.

3. Drainage Tiles

Drainage tiles assist the synthetic grass in eliminating water from the installation’s surface. Sellers of the best artificial turf in San Jose recommend the following drainage tile options:

• Positive Drain System (PDS) Tiles – These include interlocking 48” x 48” tile pieces that are ½” tall. PDS tiles are inserted under the turf to enhance its drainage capabilities.

• Air Drain Tiles – These tiles create a 90 percent air void underneath the synthetic turf surface, aiding in proper liquid drainage.

Firm Up Your Turf with The Best Artificial Grass Accessories

Give your grass landscapes a solid foundation with the right accessories. Ensure success in your DIY project using top-grade, purpose-specific materials!  

Artificial Turf Express is your go-to source for all your DIY synthetic grass installation needs. We have everything essential to creating lush indoor and outdoor landscapes —from top-quality padding and versatile infill to premium artificial grass and the best putting greens. Design a beautiful and durable landscape for your home. Call us now at 408-960-2255 for inquiries.

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Is Buying Used Synthetic Grass A Viable Option?


Used synthetic grassAny homeowner would want the benefits of synthetic grass at half the price, but is it worth it? Buying used synthetic grass could be an option, depending on the situation. Even so, there are things to consider before deciding to purchase used artificial turf. In this article, we will cover if its worth buying used synthetic grass.

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Frequently Asked Infill Questions for the Best Putting Greens DIY Installation

cutting putting greens

Choosing the right infill is one of the most crucial steps in creating the best putting greens. While it’s entirely possible to install synthetic golf turf without infill, doing so can significantly reduce the beauty and performance of your new green. Increase the chances of success for your DIY turf installation by learning more about the role of infill in a top-notch course!

Continue reading Frequently Asked Infill Questions for the Best Putting Greens DIY Installation

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DIY Advice: 5 Significant Reasons You Need to Use Sand Infill When Laying the Best Artificial Turf

measuring artificial grass

The best artificial turf is an amazing investment for both your lawn experience and property value. With some DIY skills, you can also reduce the installation expense by doing the project yourself. Yet one corner that you should never cut when laying turf is the infill selection.

Continue reading DIY Advice: 5 Significant Reasons You Need to Use Sand Infill When Laying the Best Artificial Turf

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How The California Weather Is Changing Landscape Design

natural lawn substitutions

The weather is changing California landscape design. California is known for its gorgeous weather but is also known for its lack of water, watering bans, and emphasis on conservation.

With many areas falling into dry, desert climates, residents are finding it impossible to have natural grass lawns. They require too much water and dry up in the winter. The alternative is to find ways to create a beautiful yard without natural grass.