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artificial turf glue
Artificial Turf Glue: The Most Commonly Asked Questions At Artificial Turf Express, we're often asked several questions about artificial turf glue. Turf glue can come in many different thicknesses or quantities. Some types of glue are more appropriate for certain applications, and less effective for others. Here are some of the questions we're asked most often. Do …
artificial turf dog run
What you need to know about turf backing People often come into our showroom and ask questions about turf backing. For people unfamiliar with turf lingo, turf backing is the material that holds the blades in place. The backing is made out of several different types of material. Its main function is to filter water through …
artificial grass on a roof top
Synthetic Grass in Small Spaces: Creativity and practicality for urban environments Some people believe that the American dream is all about owning a big property with a large backyard and white picket fence. In the present day, this is becoming increasingly less desirable, because people are opting to live less extravagant lives by favoring smaller spaces. The …