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Weed Control for Artificial Grass: Part One

weed control for synthetic grass

weed control for artificial grass

Weeds: More Insidious than Meets the Eye

People often come to us with questions about weed control for artificial grass. There is a lot to know, and people are often mystified when weeds grow around or through their turf. What’s worse, not all turf installations are going to require you to protect against weeds. Weeds can definitely be ugly, but they can also be dangerous if you have a synthetic turf sports field. They seem harmless, but they actually decrease the field’s athletic performance and increase the potential for injury. With all this unpredictability, what gives?

What Does Maintenance Free Actually Mean?

The term “maintenace free” is a bit of a misnomer. It is thrown around by many artificial grass companies, and it is true to a very real degree. With a synthetic lawn, you will not have to water, mow, edge, or re-seed the surface. When the season changes, it is definitely necessary to rake and use a leaf blower. In addition, over time the infill will shift and get displaced. This sometimes requires more infill to be added to the turf. So really, maintenance free may not be entirely accurate – a more accurate term is minimal maintenance. Regardless of the terminology, the maintenance for synthetic turf is almost nonexistent compared to a natural lawn.

So, What About the Weeds?

weed control for synthetic lawnsMost of the work done by professional installation companies includes a weed barrier. These barriers prevent seed germination, and are mostly successful. However, some areas are just naturally inclined for weed growth – specifically near the seams or edges of the turf. Also, shaded areas are more likely to have weed issues. This is because of the moisture retention, which allows weeds to grow. The most important takeaway is that if your turf has areas that allow seed germination, then you may have a weed problem.

Ask Our Experts!

At Artificial Turf Express, we have experts with years of experience with artificial turf maintenance. This article is part of a series we’re doing on weed control for artificial grass, so stay tuned for the next one!


2 thoughts on “Weed Control for Artificial Grass: Part One

  1. My Condo Complex installed artificial turf a few years ago. It is only in a small area near my cluster. Edges are now showing weeds. Especially in one low lying area. What to do? I prefer natural and would happily spray with a vinegar solution. Will it harm the turf. What do you suggest. I want to make an informed request for solution to our Board.

    Thank You.

    1. Hey Jane!

      At Artificial Turf Express, we always recommend to go with vinegar and salt. Unfortunately, most of the weed killing products are not very safe. For example, we never recommend round up because it is detrimental to our declining honeybee population, and is likely to be a carcinogen. In fact, the EU is in the process of banning Round Up, because it contains glyphosate, which has been declared a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

      Why Europe may ban most popular weed killer world

      Other than that, we always recommend a more natural solution, so salt and vinegar is the way to go! Thanks for asking about it Jane!

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