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  • artificial grass installation

    Process Of Installing Artificial Grass

    May 17, 2018
    Artificial grass installation is a fairly simple process that can move pretty quickly once the initial plans are created. Natural Grass Removed This first step is probably the scariest for homeowners. All natural grass must be removed before artificial grass installation can continue. Work crews work neatly to remove grass in smaller block segments rather […]
  • Are Lawn Fertilizers or Pesticides Harmful to Your Family?

    May 10, 2018
    Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals help make lawns beautiful, but you will be shocked to learn how those chemicals can affect your family’s health. Types of Chemicals Lawn chemicals fall into several categories and all can play a role in the health of adults, children and pets. There are three million cases globally of pesticide […]
  • Synthetic grass eliminates things like sprinklers

    5 Items You Can Stop Purchasing After Installing Synthetic Grass

    May 04, 2018
    Synthetic grass has several advantages and one of the biggest pros of installing it is its low maintenance. Artificial turf requires little care, so you will find buying it will give you more money and time to do other things. There are specifically five things you will stop buying once your new synthetic turf is […]