This is our 1XM monotone, non-thatched artificial grass. This is a premium artificial grass product that is being sold at a discounted rate due to being discontinued by the manufacturer. 1XM has a MaxxFlo backing that drains evenly throughout the turf and drains more than 8 times as fast when compared to a standard hole-punched backing. Supplies are limited so get yours today!

Color: Olive Green
Yarn Type: Monofilament
Face Weight: 37 oz.
Pile Height: 1 3/4 in.
Backing: MaxxFlo (Fieldturf Product)
Roll Width: 15ft

All products are set at a standard 15ft width. To determine product cost, enter the total length you need to cover your area in the box below. For Example if your project is 225 sqft., the length you would enter is 15 ft. as 15×15 = 225 sq ft.

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