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Clueless About Synthetic Grass Maintenance? Here is all you need to know!

synthetic grass maintenance

Those considering synthetic grass for their home lawn sometimes pause because they aren’t sure what is involved in maintaining it. The installation has an upfront cost, so people don’t want to jeopardize their investment with a lack of knowledge regarding upkeep.

Synthetic grass maintenance isn’t a complicated subject, but there are some things to be aware of before installation. Understanding your product and its maintenance requirements goes a long way to developing routine maintenance habits.

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5 Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Yard

5 Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Yard

We all know that switching from natural lawns to artificial turf can save a ton of water. However if you’re still watering other plants on your property, your water bill still has a way to go. Over the last few years, we have seen many people converting their yards to be more resistant to the California drought. This is great, and if that’s something that you’re looking into for your home, this article is a great starting point, so here are 5 drought tolerant plants for your yard.

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Artificial Grass Blade Shapes: Why Does it Matter?

artificial turf blade shapes

fescueThere are many things to know about artificial grass blade shapes. The shapes will definitely influence your turf’s durability, sheen, and softness. People generally want their turf to be durable, although some products are more appropriate for high traffic areas. For example, many peoples are turned off by turf that looks too shiny. The sheen of a turf product is generally influenced by its blade width. Some people are looking for turf specifically for landscaping purposes, such as our Natural Fescue product. But in order to understand blade types, we should look at certain products, such as our W Fescue Pro.

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3 Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Synthetic Lawn

natural lawn substitutions

Generally speaking, synthetic lawns are far more durable than a natural lawn. As many people know, natural lawns are subject to damage from pets, or heavy foot traffic, or the changing seasons. With synthetic grass, these are not issues, but there are some other things to consider. Despite this, artificial grass can be damaged from caustic chemicals, severe heat, sharp objects, and everything else that can damage plastic and polyethylene.

Installing a synthetic lawn is definitely a large investment. If you want your investment to be worth it, you’ll need to know how to maintain and protect your turf. Here are the things that you’ll want to avoid to maintain your synthetic lawn.

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Weed Control for Synthetic Grass: Part Two

allergies elminated by turf

Weed Control for Synthetic Grass

Weed Control for Synthetic GrassThis is the second article in our series about weed control for synthetic grass. We are often asked about what you preventative measures you can take to prevent weed growth. Obviously, spilling sugary drinks like soda or spitting sunflower seeds on the turf are bad ideas. But do those things actually prevent weed growth? Not exactly. However, one of the the main contributing factors for weeds on synthetic lawns is the introduction of organic matter to the turf. This is problematic because in its natural state, artificial grass has no organic matter.

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The Artificial Grass Production Process

artificial turf production process

artificial grass production processMany early models of synthetic grass gained a reputation for discoloration. The vintage artificial grass production process was far less sophisticated than what we have today. Under direct exposure to sunlight, turf fibers begin to discolor at a disconcerting rate. After a couple of years, synthetic turf will look bland and unimpressive. This eventually became the general public’s consensus about artificial turf. Because of this reputation, some people are still skeptical about turf.

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Creative Uses for Synthetic Turf

creative uses for synthetic lawns

Looking for more creative uses for synthetic turf? Here are some of our suggestions!

Synthetic lawns are often used for sports, however property owners are uncovering that having a drought-resistant lawn could hold numerous advantages. Also, that there are many creative uses for synthetic turf that aren’t usually considered. Considering that artificial turf needs no mowing, cutting or water, homeowners conserve money and time on landscaping. In addition, having a lavish, environment-friendly landscape is aesthetically beautiful, and also the soft blades are optimal for other uses. Here are some of the ideas we’ve used.

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The Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass

environmental benefits of artificial grass

The 3 Major Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass

There are many environmental benefits of synthetic grass. Not only does it reduce your landscape maintenance costs, but it also benefits our environment. Let’s look at some of the ways:

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Backyard Artificial Grass Benefits: A Cleaner Pool

backyard artificial grass

artificial grass pools

4 Benefits of Backyard Artificial Grass

People with pools at home find many the advantages of getting backyard artificial grass installed. They find that artificial grass is very versatile and can be used on outdoor patios, as well as decks, and even for above ground swimming pools. Standard lawn systems dry out rapidly, and are tarnished and stained by chlorine or other swimming pool chemicals.

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Synthetic Lawn Maintenance Tips

synthetic lawn maintenance

Synthetic Lawn Maintenance Tips

The most important thing to realize about synthetic lawn maintenance is that taking care of an artificial lawn is much easier than a natural lawn. With an all-natural lawn, trimmings as well as edgings need to be consistently discarded. Synthetic grass does not create any type of grass waste. Aside from tree debris like sticks and leaves, there isn’t much to do, but there are a few things to know.

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