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What to know about artificial grass financing plans

synthetic turf backyard playground

Artificial Grass Financing Plans

artificial grass financing plansAt our warehouse, people often ask us about artificial grass financing plans. More specifically, they ask if they are available, and what do these financing plans entail? We have said many times that installing artificial turf is an investment. You reap the benefits over time in water savings, maintenance savings, saving time, and saving you from stress. That’s well and good, but what if you can’t handle the upfront cost at once? Luckily, many turf installation companies offer artificial grass financing, and municipalities offer rebates for converting your lawn to turf!

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Creative Uses for Synthetic Turf

creative uses for synthetic lawns

Looking for more creative uses for synthetic turf? Here are some of our suggestions!

Synthetic lawns are often used for sports, however property owners are uncovering that having a drought-resistant lawn could hold numerous advantages. Also, that there are many creative uses for synthetic turf that aren’t usually considered. Considering that artificial turf needs no mowing, cutting or water, homeowners conserve money and time on landscaping. In addition, having a lavish, environment-friendly landscape is aesthetically beautiful, and also the soft blades are optimal for other uses. Here are some of the ideas we’ve used.

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Artificial Turf Dog Parks – A sustainable place for our furry friends

synthetic grass dog park

Artificial Turf Dog Parks – Why people are choosing synthetic grass

artificial turf dog parks

Many of our customers have been asking us questions about building artificial turf dog parks. We’ve seen them pop up all over the Bay Area. From the Perc Ponds dog park in Campbell to the Del Monte Dog Park in San Jose, it’s no wondering why people are choosing artificial turf over natural grass.

We see artificial turf used in pet facilities all over the country, and that it is even receiving celebrity endorsements. People are even picking up remnants of synthetic grass at our warehouse for pet use. As people in the turf industry, we’re ecstatic to experience this uptick in interest about artificial turf.

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Synthetic Grass in Small Spaces: What you need to know

artificial grass on a roof top

Synthetic Grass in Small Spaces: Creativity and practicality for urban environments

synthetic grass in small spacesSome people believe that the American dream is all about owning a big property with a large backyard and white picket fence. In the present day, this is becoming increasingly less desirable, because people are opting to live less extravagant lives by favoring smaller spaces. The suburban areas are running out of space to build homes, so people are more interested in keeping things simple and economic.

We’re seeing trends where people are building tiny homes out of shipping containers, and collectively grouping themselves into their own communities. Some city-dwellers still prefer apartments and condos, but are applying creativity in their interior and exterior designs. Naturally, this means that there is becoming less of a demand for landscaping tools and services. This allows people to focus more of their time on being physically active and engaged in their family and community. The newfound desire for personal freedom has resulted in many home owners exploring the use of synthetic grass in small spaces, as well as many other contemporary landscape products.

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Five Myths About Artificial Turf


Five Myths About Artificial Turf

If you are interested in installing a synthetic lawn, it is likely that you have heard several myths about artificial turf. In this age of infinite access to information, we’re bound to hear many things that have the potential to shape our decisions. We intend to clear up some of the mysteries about purchasing turf or installing a synthetic lawn.

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Artificial Turf is a Dog’s Best Friend

Preventing Dog Urine Spots On Your Lawn

Jessie Alamedes just spent over $400 removing a foxtail from her dog’s paw. These grass-like weeds with needle-tip heads burrow deeply into dogs’ paws, noses, ears, mouths, tails, and armpits after being caught on their fur. The results are excruciating pain for the animal, and a hefty medical bill for the owner.

Foxtails and other weeds are just many of the nuisances that a backyard or dog kennel has that can be detrimental to the health and well-being of a beloved pet. Mix in a rainy day or broken sprinkler on top of dead or dying grass, and you have the mixture for a muddy mess.

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Artificial Turf Grows Up


When watching a fantasy film, you suspend disbelief and become part of an impossible happening. High-tech special effects can fool the brain into accepting a whole different reality. When my practiced eye was fooled by the new artificial turf, I knew it had finally come of age.

I am not an easy sell.

When the first “plastic grass” came on the market decades ago, there was no way to suspend disbelief. It was obviously fake. The earlier products denied oxygen and moisture exchange to the soil underneath. It literally smothered to death, losing vital microbe populations. We also found that trees could not survive within the fake grass because the roots died. Water would pool on the surface if the ground underneath wasn’t perfectly graded. And then there was the wear and tear of kids and bikes and pets.

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South Bay Schools Upgrade Fields with Artificial Turf to Conserve Water

Soccer artificial turf & infill

In a wise decision made five years ago, five South Bay high schools included artificial turf in a $70 million project to upgrade its athletic fields and the water saving is significant.

The Field of Dreams at Fremont High School is no longer grass. The grass has been replaced with artificial turf on the football field, a footprint of just over 1.6 acres. One baseball field also has artificial turf, while another is half grass and half artificial.

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Going Green has Never Been Easier

Backyard synthetic Grass

Everyone wants a green lawn. Whether you’re admiring its lush appearance from afar or enjoying the feel of the blades between your toes, a green lawn is a pleasure. Unfortunately, maintaining that pleasure can be an environmental nightmare, especially with the current drought.

As a business owner attempting to adopt “green” practices, you may be tempted to not water your grass. However, a parched lawn surrounding your building becomes an eyesore, giving onlookers a bad impression of your company. What’s a business owner to do?

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Innovative Artificial Turf Solutions: More than Just a Substitute for Grass

synthetic grass uses

More than just a practical feature, artificial turf has taken on a whole new dimension in the field of design and creativity. Traditionally a replacement for grass or used as a fun feature in the yards of aspiring amateur golfers, synthetic turf has taken on an entirely new element as an accent piece.

Artificial Turf Express has made installing artificial grass so easy, that do-it-yourselfers have made an art out of the fake grass. Placed under boulders, beside ponds, or as a frame around gardens or floral designs, synthetic turf has added a new facet to the beauty of yards. For the decorator in you, cut and piece artificial turf in between pavers to add color and creativity to your walkway. For a bolder appearance, space different sized sections of artificial turf in asymmetrical patterns adjacent to tiles and pavers of different textures and colors. The result is a freeform appearance of a very colorful and artistic design that is sure to have the neighborhood talking.

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