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Top 4 Creative Uses for Synthetic Grass

best uses for artificial grass

Best Uses for Synthetic Grass: Honing your creativity

At Artificial Turf Express, we are always astounded at all of the creative uses for synthetic grass. We often get to see people apply their creativity into their turf installations, and we have assisted customers with many projects. Here are some of the coolest uses for synthetic grass that we’ve seen!

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Artificial Turf is a Dog’s Best Friend

Preventing Dog Urine Spots On Your Lawn

Jessie Alamedes just spent over $400 removing a foxtail from her dog’s paw. These grass-like weeds with needle-tip heads burrow deeply into dogs’ paws, noses, ears, mouths, tails, and armpits after being caught on their fur. The results are excruciating pain for the animal, and a hefty medical bill for the owner.

Foxtails and other weeds are just many of the nuisances that a backyard or dog kennel has that can be detrimental to the health and well-being of a beloved pet. Mix in a rainy day or broken sprinkler on top of dead or dying grass, and you have the mixture for a muddy mess.

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Innovative Artificial Turf Solutions: More than Just a Substitute for Grass

synthetic grass uses

More than just a practical feature, artificial turf has taken on a whole new dimension in the field of design and creativity. Traditionally a replacement for grass or used as a fun feature in the yards of aspiring amateur golfers, synthetic turf has taken on an entirely new element as an accent piece.

Artificial Turf Express has made installing artificial grass so easy, that do-it-yourselfers have made an art out of the fake grass. Placed under boulders, beside ponds, or as a frame around gardens or floral designs, synthetic turf has added a new facet to the beauty of yards. For the decorator in you, cut and piece artificial turf in between pavers to add color and creativity to your walkway. For a bolder appearance, space different sized sections of artificial turf in asymmetrical patterns adjacent to tiles and pavers of different textures and colors. The result is a freeform appearance of a very colorful and artistic design that is sure to have the neighborhood talking.

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Short on Time? Artificial Grass may be the Solution.

look and feel of synthetic grass

The demand for artificial grass for landscaping is growing at 10 to 15 percent per year. This has been stimulated by several factors, including the desire for lower maintenance, an all weather surface, and the recent droughts in the country that have led to a serious water shortage.

Modern artificial turf offers high quality surfaces, a realistic appearance, and long life which is why it makes perfect sense for gardeners who are strapped for time. That’s because artificial grass requires minimal maintenance and frees gardeners to focus on other tasks such as tending to flower gardens, home maintenance, and business. It’s a smart choice that saves both time and water, and it looks good too!

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Synthetic Grass a Popular Choice for Dog Runs

Many consumers now want to cover areas of their garden that dogs have completely ruined. These areas, sometimes referred to as dog runs, are significantly benefited by the use of artificial grass.  It provides a safe environment, easy to clean after your pet, lead-free, non-flammable, non-toxic, resistant to extreme traffic, wear and tear. No more mud or yellow spots!

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Puppy Proofing Your Home With Artificial Grass for Dogs

synthetic turf for pets and kids

From those big brown eyes to those giant paws, the newest addition to your home can become an added challenge. “Puppy-proofing” can potentially be a long-winded process that takes up much time, effort, and money. In fact, some may even compare it to the excruciating process of baby-proofing a house. However, it definitely has its added benefits, including preserving the condition of your house and key parts of your property, including your furniture and your yard. Another significant benefit is to, of course, ensure utmost safety for your puppy. Though the process may entail several tasks, there are a few easy changes that can be done to significantly aid in creating a safe environment for your new puppy. One of these changes is the switch from a natural lawn to an artificial grass for dogs. This relatively simple task can turn your backyard into a comfortable, durable, and safe place for your puppy to play on and enjoy all year long.

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Even Your Pet Loves DIY Synthetic Grass

One of the biggest concerns when making the decision to purchase a synthetic green lawn is how their pets will adapt to the change. No need to worry though because you’re animal will not even notice the difference – only you will! The improvements this will add to your pet’s life are so subtle, it will not even notice that it’s been running around on synthetic grass rather than the real thing. The synthetic lawn is also very durable and will not be damaged by your animal.

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