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How Does Artificial Turf Look So Real?

artificial turf looks natural

There is no argument that artificial turf looks good. It stays green and lush year-round, plus it is low maintenance. Many who aren’t familiar with synthetic turf wonder if it really looks like natural grass. Then once they realize it does, their second question people have is how is it made to look like natural grass. Continue reading How Does Artificial Turf Look So Real?

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Is Synthetic Grass An Investment?

synthetic grass saves moneySome homeowners face sticker-shock when they see the initial cost of installing synthetic grass. While it can be expensive at the onset, replacing your natural grass with synthetic grass is also a great way to achieve long-term cost savings. That makes it a great investment over a decade.

There are several ways synthetic grass will give you more money in your pocket over the years to come. Below are a few of the primary examples of how this product can save you both money and time. Continue reading Is Synthetic Grass An Investment?

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Best Artificial Turf Infill To Use With Pets

artificial grass infill for dogsPets love artificial grass. They can’t tell the difference between a synthetic grass product and the real thing. Artificial grass allows them to run, play, roll on the ground without the problem of fleas, ticks, other bugs, grass in their fur and the smell of the great outdoors. But your pets will use the bathroom outside on artificial grass just like they would on natural grass. So, one of the most important components of your pet artificial grass installation is the artificial turf infill. This is particularly important to pets because it is the artificial turf infill that helps with drainage, smells, and bacteria. Continue reading Best Artificial Turf Infill To Use With Pets

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Is Buying Used Synthetic Grass A Viable Option?

Used synthetic grassAny homeowner would want the benefits of synthetic grass at half the price, but is it worth it? Buying used synthetic grass could be an option, depending on the situation. Even so, there are things to consider before deciding to purchase used artificial turf. In this article, we will cover if its worth buying used synthetic grass.

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How The California Weather Is Changing Landscape Design

natural lawn substitutions

The weather is changing California landscape design. California is known for its gorgeous weather but is also known for its lack of water, watering bans, and emphasis on conservation.

With many areas falling into dry, desert climates, residents are finding it impossible to have natural grass lawns. They require too much water and dry up in the winter. The alternative is to find ways to create a beautiful yard without natural grass.