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What Health Effects Do Lawn Care Chemicals Have?

Doctor checking Health Effects of lawn care chemicals

Everyone knows that lawn chemicals are not good for humans, but it may surprise some to know just how bad they are. It may further surprise people to know just how much contact we humans inadvertently have with lawn care chemicals.

Most sold lawn care chemicals are used on residential property. This amounts to between 80 to 90 million pounds of chemicals used every year. Most U.S. statistics indicate that more than 78 million homeowners use these chemicals on their lawns every year.

Not Safe for Humans

There is no claim that any of these chemicals are safe for human contact. Most packaging explicitly states to avoid contact and certainly prevent ingestion. Common sense tells you the chemicals used to kill weeds, insects and other pests in your yard are made of a poison that would have ill effects when it comes in contact with people.

Studies confirm the poisonous content of lawn care chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. Nineteen of the 30 most common lawn care chemicals are carcinogens. They can cause many different problems in the body including 21 that are linked to infertility problems, 26 thought to cause damage to the liver and kidneys, 15 that are neurotoxins and 13 linked to birth defects.

Nature offers proof of the deadly effects of lawn care chemicals. There are life-threatening mutations among wildlife related to exposure to lawn chemicals. There is documented evidence of birth defects among amphibians and fish as well.

The Youngest, Smallest Affected the Most

In a family, those most vulnerable to yard chemicals are children and pets because are closer to the ground and tend to play on the ground. Children also take in more food, air, and water than adults because they have faster metabolic rates. They are also not as capable of detoxifying from dangerous chemicals.

Some studies from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that children are exposed to environmental chemicals while still in the womb, affecting developing organs. They are also exposed to pesticides used inside and outside in their home and at daycare. Children are also exposed to chemicals used in schools and playgrounds used to control pests and weeds.

Besides causing cancer, organ damage and fertility problems, toxic chemicals are believed to be responsible for learning disabilities in children including autism and ADHD.

There are at least five ways people and pets are exposed to toxic lawn chemicals including:
1. Through the air when the chemicals are applied to a lawn.
2. Through the air when they evaporate after application.
3. Skin contact through playing, walking or contact with grass, flowers, and shrubs.
4. In the water by applied chemicals running off into streams, rivers, ditches, and lakes.
5. Through groundwater supplies by chemicals seeping into the soil and ending up in aquifers.

Some may find it shocking these chemicals end up in the water we use. It is true that city and county filtration systems take out many toxins, including yard chemical toxins, but not all. Animals and plants consume this water with remaining toxins and it eventually ends up in our bodies.

An Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Artificial grass is a proven environmentally-friendly alternative to using lawn chemicals. Synthetic turf, made of nylon and polyurethane, requires no lawn chemicals to stay fresh and looking good. It naturally reduces the number of insects in pests because it blocks access to dirt, where pests breed and feed.

Synthetic turf is better for the environment and makes your yard healthier for your family and pets. Installing artificial grass could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made to improve your family’s health.

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Is Cleaning Artificial Turf Difficult? See For Yourself!

artificial turf

Some considering artificial turf may be hesitating because they are uncertain how to clean or maintain it. For those use to mowing, weeding, spraying and edging, it may seem too simple to maintain yard with artificial turf. Yet, it is simple.

Artificial turf is low-maintenance but does require some care. You do need to pick up debris and occasionally clean soiled areas. Even with that, caring for artificial turf requires much less effort and expense than caring for a natural lawn. Continue reading Is Cleaning Artificial Turf Difficult? See For Yourself!

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Drought Brings New Water Conservation Rules

Synthetic grass helps fight drought
Water Waste After Drought

Despite Gov. Jerry Brown declaring an end to California’s historic five-year drought, he recently signed two new laws into effect that will require California cities and water districts to establish permanent water conservation standards, regardless of whether or not we are in a state of a drought.

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Improve Your Business by Installing Synthetic Turf

synthetic turf for businesses

Synthetic turf is becoming more popular for residential use, but some may not realize it can be extremely beneficial to businesses as well. You can improve your overall business environment by installing synthetic turf.

Improve Beauty with Synthetic Turf

Your business property is the first impression your customers will see. They will develop an impression from that first view. Maintaining landscaping on business properties can be a challenge, but synthetic grass is an easy way to get a great look with little effort.

Synthetic turf looks green all year, regardless of the weather. It will look green in the middle of a drought or winter cold. It comes with drainage that can keep heavy rains from pooling into puddles. It will constantly look uniform and give your customers the positive impression you are seeking. That will improve your overall brand.

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The Water Battle in California Continues… Synthetic Turf is One Answer!

its never too late to conserve water lawns

The cost of water in California continues to climb and depending up your location and the size of your lawn, you may be easily spending well over $1,200 per year just to keep your lawn beautiful. And no doubt you can expect that trend to continue.

Water levels continue to be a huge problem in our beautiful state. Statistic show that the last few years have been some of the driest on record. This has lead to a huge shortage. Yes, it may have rained a little bit of late, which makes it seem as if the issue is gone, but don’t fool yourself. Our water levels are at critical levels and we must do our part to conserve as much water as possible.

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Improve Your Child’s Play Area By Eliminating The Mess with Artificial Turf

artificial turf in child's play area

Have you ever realized that children are like little magnets for dirt? They have a habit of attracting scrap elbows, dirty hands, and grass-stained knees while playing on the lawn. Most people believe there is no way to combat these dirty habits. They just assume there is nothing they can do about their child getting dirty while playing in forts, swinging on swing sets, and sliding down slides. Oh, but those people would be wrong!

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Athletic Facilities Thrive on Artificial Grass

artificial turf for agility training in gym

If you are considering a new sports facility or gym with an artificial turf surface, Artificial Turf Express can help you with the process. Let us upgrade your facility and not only lower maintenance costs, but improve your user’s experience.

Artificial turf provides the perfect surface for most recreational activities and gyms. Not only is it cost effective and low maintenance, it has a variety of benefits that make it the best choice over any other flooring option. Artificial turf is nothing new to sports or gyms. It was used in the 1960’s for indoor football fields and has been popping up in gyms everywhere over the past few decades. The many benefits are why.

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Learn How Synthetic Turf Has Changed Since Its Creation

synthetic turf

The trend in recent years is individuals changing to a synthetic yard for its cost-effectiveness, as well as environmental factors. There have been many turf debates questioning the use of an artificial lawn, but more and more people have started switching their lawns to artificial turf. It was initially introduced on football fields in the 1960s, but now critics are finding out the advantages of having it in their yard. Today, Home Owner Associates, schools, as well as various other companies have actually realized the benefits and the lifetime of savings that come from synthetic grass, which has increased its installation rate. So is artificial grass the lawn of the future? We think so!

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Why You Should Use Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

synthetic turf for dogs

If you have a pet you know how hard it is to keep them happy, satisfied, and having fun. Finding the perfect environment for them, whether it be a bed of pillows or a backyard or plush grass, takes effort. The solution to that problem in your backyard is to put down artificial grass. This not only makes your dog happier and cleaner, it gives you a prettier backyard.

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Spend More Time Enjoying Your Artificial Turf Than Maintaining It This Summer

enjoy summer with artificial turf

Most individuals appreciate summer season for the relaxing warm days, with trips, swimming, bbqs, and also hanging out with friends and family. Trimming the grass, nonetheless, is one of the least enjoyable parts of the summer. It’s also not very fun to worry about whether your grass is obtaining adequate water or not. Thankfully, with a low maintenance artificial turf lawn, you will never have to worry about endless yard work again.

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