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Natural Vs Synthetic Lawn

artificial lawns vs natural grass

Natural Vs Synthetic Lawn – What’s the difference in cost?

There are a lot of things to consider with natural vs synthetic lawn installations. First and foremost, there are many environmental benefits, but let’s get down to the bottom line. How much is it actually going to cost? We get this question all the time. Here’s a cost analysis we’ve put together that compares natural vs synthetic lawn from Artificial Turf Express:

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Modern Artificial Turf Shows That the Future is Here!

modern artificial turf

The Difference Between Vintage AstroTurf and Modern Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is one of the landscape design items that has become far more sophisticated over the last few years. Many people remember the original AstroTurf synthetic lawn, which were popularized in the 60’s and 70’s. It was featured in sports and TV shows like The Brady Bunch. While customers who bought AstroTurf enjoyed some of the benefits of having artificial grass, they had what we have today. One of the biggest drawbacks to the old stuff was that it definitely looked fake. Modern artificial turf looks like real grass without any of the hassle. Watering, mowing, and other maintenance are no longer an issue.

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5 Reasons It’s Time To Switch To Synthetic Turf Grass


Spring has sprung, and with summer closing in fast you’ll need that perfect family and friends backyard oasis ready to go for chilling in the sunshine and enjoying a few barbecues.

However, with a great lawn, comes a great amount of time and a solid amount of money. If you want your grass to look perfect, it needs care and attention. You need to cut the lawn, you need to pick the weeds, you need to keep the slugs and the bugs at bay. You need to stop the dogs from burying toys in your slice of paradise, and you need to make sure the neighbor’s cat uses his own litter box instead of appropriating your garden.

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Today’s Artificial Grass is Not, your Father’s AstroTurf

Artificial lawns are one of the few landscaping products that continue to get better and better with new technology, especially over the past few years. While pavers and stamped concrete have made small strides in product development, many of today’s artificial grass products are now manufactured especially for homeowners that care about the look and feel of the products as opposed to sports performance.

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