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How The California Weather Is Changing Landscape Design

natural lawn substitutions

The weather is changing California landscape design. California is known for its gorgeous weather but is also known for its lack of water, watering bans, and emphasis on conservation.

With many areas falling into dry, desert climates, residents are finding it impossible to have natural grass lawns. They require too much water and dry up in the winter. The alternative is to find ways to create a beautiful yard without natural grass.

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What Environmental Effects Do Lawn Care Chemicals Have?


It may surprise some to know that installing artificial grass can create a healthier environment. That’s because going with synthetic turf virtually eliminates lawn care chemicals that affect humans in several adverse ways.

The Problem with Chemicals

Lawn care chemicals cause health problems in both people and pets in primarily two ways:

  • Direct contact or ingestion
  • Indirect ingestion

Children and pets are the most affected by lawn care chemicals because they are closer to the ground than adults. Kids roll around on the ground in their play and sports activities and dogs love to stretch out on grass to get full sun. Being that close to where chemicals are applied is not healthy.

Chemicals used in lawn maintenance end up on kids’ clothes and in animals fur, prolonging exposure. Pets then lick their fur to clean themselves after outdoor play and ingest them. Cases of cancer among dogs are rising and veterinarians think it’s because of increased exposure to chemicals and additives in pet foods.

Humans also unknowingly ingest lawn care chemicals indirectly. These chemicals are washed into streams and pushed into the ground when it rains. They end up in groundwater, which then travels to other areas. Sometimes it is used for public consumption or irrigation on farms. People then drink the water or eat products produced at farms. Livestock can eat food grown with this chemically-filled water, so the meat can also contain traces of chemicals even though it is regulated. All this means people are consuming poisons used to kill weeds, among other chemicals.

While there are regulations as to chemicals in our food, the government always allow for some chemical traces.

Artificial Grass to the Rescue

Homeowners installing artificial grass no longer need to use chemicals to gain a gorgeous yard. That means fewer chemicals are draining into the groundwater. The result is a healthier environment for everyone.

You also will be helping the ecological system in ponds and streams by installing synthetic grass. Chemicals plunging into waterways kill wildlife. A particular problem is algae. Species that feed off algae and control it are dying off due to chemicals, so algae is overtaking ponds and streams.

Reducing the amount will help return natural wetlands to their former status and balance. This means there could be more fishing areas opening up for locals enjoying the sport and a return to overall beauty for those wanting to enjoy nature.

Artificial turf also means less debris in the landfill because you will no longer need to cut and bag your grass.

Installing synthetic grass is not only a smart investment for you as a homeowner, but is environmentally prudent. It is a solution that offers a long-term solution to lawn care chemicals and the pollution they cause. It also provides a great space for your family to enjoy for years to come.

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Eliminate These 7 Chores When You Invest In Artificial Turf

artificial turf eliminates chores

Artificial turf can accommodate your life in so many ways, but one of the best aspects of installing it is freeing up your time. Its low maintenance will allow you more free time than you have now trying to keep your natural grass looking its best.

You will find there are seven chores that can be eliminated once you install artificial turf.

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Are Lawn Fertilizers or Pesticides Harmful to Your Family?

Fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals help make lawns beautiful, but you will be shocked to learn how those chemicals can affect your family’s health.

Types of Chemicals

Lawn chemicals fall into several categories and all can play a role in the health of adults, children and pets. There are three million cases globally of pesticide poisoning, according to the World Health Organization. While many of those are in developing countries outside the United States, children in this country are also showing signs of toxins in their systems because of exposure to chemicals.

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5 Items You Can Stop Purchasing After Installing Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass watered

Synthetic grass has several advantages and one of the biggest pros of installing it is its low maintenance. Artificial turf requires little care, so you will find buying it will give you more money and time to do other things.

There are specifically five things you will stop buying once your new synthetic turf is installed.

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Saving Time On Yard Work Is Easy With Synthetic Grass

synthetic grass reduces landscaping chores

Let’s be honest, most people had rather be on a boat or watching a ballgame rather than mowing the grass. Lawn care is something everyone knows must be done, but would love to spend their time doing something else, which makes synthetic grass the perfect time-saver.

Most people spend at least an hour on their lawn every week, but some with large yards and more landscaping can spend more than six hours a week working to keep it perfect. There is a way to drastically reduce that workload and save thousands of dollars over a decade.

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I Need Some SPACE! Expand Your Outdoor Living Areas with Artificial Grass

artificial grass outdoor living area

Outdoor living areas can be difficult to utilize. You may have an indoor or outdoor deck surface surrounding your pool or patio, but how are you using the rest of your yard? Most people aren’t using it at all, which makes artificial grass a great option.

Many people turn to wood surfaces, but they tend to get moldy and slick. Not only that, they don’t always last and will need treatment overtime. Others turn to concrete surfaces, which tend to show messes, are uncomfortable to walk/sit on and are usually just plain ugly.

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Time is Precious… Don’t waste it on Lawn Care – Install Artificial Grass

artificial grass saves time by eliminating lawn care

Did you know the average American homeowner spends more than 40 hours a year on lawn care? Having a nice lawn is great, but it also takes a lot of energy, money and, most importantly, your precious time! Learn how much time natural grass is taking from you and then check out artificial grass as an alternative.

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The Best Synthetic Grass for Dogs

synthetic grass pet facilities

synthetic grass for dogsPet owners greatly value their furry friends, but we all know that pets can be messy. A great solution for many is getting synthetic grass for dogs. But which  is the best synthetic grass for dogs, one might ask. There are a number of synthetic grass options that are suitable for our canine companions but a few stand out from the rest, if you know what to look for.

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Natural Vs Synthetic Lawn

artificial lawns vs natural grass

Natural Vs Synthetic Lawn – What’s the difference in cost?

There are a lot of things to consider with natural vs synthetic lawn installations. First and foremost, there are many environmental benefits, but let’s get down to the bottom line. How much is it actually going to cost? We get this question all the time. Here’s a cost analysis we’ve put together that compares natural vs synthetic lawn from Artificial Turf Express:

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