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DIY Petscape: 7 Essential Tools for Installing Artificial Grass for Pets


Tired of your dog bringing dirt into your house, but don’t want to sacrifice their running space? Build a petscape using quality artificial grass for pets! Synthetic turf is the perfect alternative to natural grass — it’s dirt-free, easy to maintain, and comes with a reliable drainage system!

Looking to save on cost by doing the installation yourself? Using the right tools may mean the difference between artificial grass that constantly needs upkeep and turf that lasts all year-long.

7 Tools You’ll Need to Install Synthetic Turf for Pets

Make sure your turf is installed to last for decades with the right equipment. Here are seven tools you’ll need to successfully install artificial grass for your pets and ensure a perfect finish:

  1. Turf Cutter

One of the most essential tools, a turf cutter is a self-propelled machine used to cut layers of soil and grass to reveal the ground underneath. Get this from your local tool hire shops for a small cost, and say goodbye to painstaking digging.

  1. Pick

Easily reach all spots of the lawn with a reliable pick. Use it to remove big rocks and tree stumps and scrape away the turf as easily and quickly as possible.

  1. Wheelbarrow

Preparing the ground is the most significant aspect of any grass project. With a wheelbarrow, you no longer have to spend a big chunk of your precious time carrying rolls of turf in and out of your garden. A wheelbarrow will help you take out excavations from the garden and easily put aggregates in the sub-base.

  1. Shovel

This tool allows you to clear the space from stones and branches and distribute your base material across the lawn space before laying out your synthetic grass for dogs. A shovel can also be used to fill up the wheelbarrow with aggregates for the sub-base.

  1. Hammer

A hammer is needed to place nails or pins around your lawn’s border. For your convenience, use a hammer that has a long handle to drive in longer turf nails easily.

  1. Tape Measure

A tape measure ensures accurate measurement of your turf layout. Remember to review your measurements from time to time to ensure that you have sufficient grass for covering the whole area. To make sure that all bases are covered with synthetic turf, it is recommended that you add 12 to 24 inches to the measurements.

  1. Scissors

Keep sharp scissors close-by when working on your artificial lawn. This comes in handy when you need to trim grass blades from time to time or trim raised fibers along the length of the join.

Have All Tools at Your Disposal

Having a complete set of turf installation tools will ensure that you have your artificial grass petscape finished on time. To get all the tools and artificial turf accessories you need, visit Artificial Turf Express’ showroom at 370 Umbarger Rd, Suite B, San Jose, California, and our staff will be glad to assist you!

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Artificial Grass and Families Are The Perfect Fit. Learn Why!

family on artificial grass

Homeowners and their pets love artificial turf for a variety of reasons. Property owners choose to install it because it is easy to maintain, enhances the home’s curb appeal, and increases its resale value. For pets, there are advantages as well that we will dive in below! Continue reading Artificial Grass and Families Are The Perfect Fit. Learn Why!

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Synthetic Grass Increases Your Property Value

Artificial Grass increase property values

Synthetic grass can help put money in your pocket in several ways. One of those ways is increasing the marketability, and possibly the value, of your property.

There aren’t any sound statistics on how much synthetic grass can increase property values. Most real estate executives state it doesn’t dramatically increase the sale price, like renovating a bathroom or kitchen does. However, it does help your property’s resale in several ways.

Synthetic Grass Improves Curb Appeal

The primary advantage of synthetic grass in reselling a home is the beauty it adds to the property. Real estate professionals state synthetic turf makes your property more marketable because it improves curb appeal. Curb appeal is the number one factor in getting potential buyers to look at your property.

This is especially important in certain areas of the country where it is difficult to grow grass, such as the southwest or parts of the west coast that are, technically, desert areas. Having a plush lawn in an area that is typically barren instantly improves the desirability of your property and that can translate into dollars when you sell it.


Continue reading Synthetic Grass Increases Your Property Value

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5 Items You Can Stop Purchasing After Installing Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass eliminates things like sprinklers

Synthetic grass has several advantages and one of the biggest pros of installing it is its low maintenance. Artificial turf requires little care, so you will find buying it will give you more money and time to do other things.

There are specifically five things you will stop buying once your new synthetic turf is installed.

Continue reading 5 Items You Can Stop Purchasing After Installing Synthetic Grass

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Dog Baths Are No Fun! See How Artificial Turf Keeps Dogs Clean

artificial grass keeps dogs from getting dirty

Those who love dogs know that baths are inevitable, but having to give your dog a bath every time he comes in from playing outside is no fun at all! Artificial turf can cut down baths, reduce fleas and ticks on your pet and make pet ownership much easier for you.

Continue reading Dog Baths Are No Fun! See How Artificial Turf Keeps Dogs Clean

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Improve Your Business by Installing Synthetic Turf

synthetic turf for businesses

Synthetic turf is becoming more popular for residential use, but some may not realize it can be extremely beneficial to businesses as well. You can improve your overall business environment by installing synthetic turf.

Improve Beauty with Synthetic Turf

Your business property is the first impression your customers will see. They will develop an impression from that first view. Maintaining landscaping on business properties can be a challenge, but synthetic grass is an easy way to get a great look with little effort.

Synthetic turf looks green all year, regardless of the weather. It will look green in the middle of a drought or winter cold. It comes with drainage that can keep heavy rains from pooling into puddles. It will constantly look uniform and give your customers the positive impression you are seeking. That will improve your overall brand.

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Unique Ways You Can Use Artificial Grass In Your Lawn!

drought tolerant garden

Everyone wants a beautiful yard, but some want more than just a well-maintained lawn. They want something different from other yards that comes only with a true landscaped design. Artificial grass allows for many options in creating the perfect landscape.

Continue reading Unique Ways You Can Use Artificial Grass In Your Lawn!

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Artificial Grass Makes Your Lawn More Accessible Leading to More Time Outside!

Mud Puddle from a natural lawn

Your lawn should always be accessible, but this is not always true with a natural lawn. If you have kids, pets, or want to entertain family and friends, you deserve a yard that always looks healthy, clean, comfortable and ready to be enjoyed at any moment. But this is not always true with a natural lawn.

We know you don’t like telling your kids they can’t play outside because it rained. And we know you hate canceling your plans to host your friends for a Sunday Funday! It is already difficult enough when working with multiple people’s schedules, but then it’s even harder when you factor in the weather. But if there is mud or standing water everywhere, then you really have no choice but to stay inside because nobody wants to hang out on a wet lawn. And nobody wants to track all that dirt and water back into your home.

Continue reading Artificial Grass Makes Your Lawn More Accessible Leading to More Time Outside!

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Improve Your Outdoor Living Spaces By Installing Synthetic Turf

synthetic turf on roof

Synthetic Turf is ready for you to enjoy anywhere. Even at your apartment, condo, or townhouse. Think of the available spaces you do have! Everyone loves a good patio, deck, or rooftop balcony. These areas are great spots to receive warmth from the sun and relax during any time of the year. Sometimes they offer even better accessibility than a backyard, but often times, those areas are not very appealing. Artificial Turf Express offers you a great way to enhance the beauty and recreational use of these spots by offering synthetic turf.

Most people just consider turf for their lawns, but now you can find turf being installed anywhere! Synthetic Turf is the perfect solution for any outdoor living spaces because it is:

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Installing Artificial Grass Can Save Water!

dog kennel synthetic grass

USA TODAY recently reported that water rates in the United States have risen over the last 12 years. In some places, it has nearly doubled or even tripled. San Francisco specifically has risen around 211 percent during this 12 year research period.

Water is a very valuable resource we use in all areas of life, so it is important that we are constantly looking for ways to conserve this resource. Artificial grass does just that and in areas like California, it is important to conserve all the water we can!

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