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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Artificial Turf for Your Yard

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Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to natural turf. Not only does it require minimal maintenance, but it’s also safe, durable, and versatile. In addition, it’s not subject to natural landscaping problems like pests, fungus, and inconsistent grass growth. Give your home a lush, green lawn without dealing with the hassles that come with maintaining real grass. Invest in the best artificial turf for your home!

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Save Time On Yard Work With These 5 Tips

Save Time On Yard Work

Some people may enjoy yard work, but most find it cumbersome and tedious. Yet, it is still something that every homeowner must do to protect their investment and make their property enjoyable for their family and guests. So, why not make sure you know every tip to save time on yard work.

There are some lawn care hacks that you can use to make your maintenance tasks more manageable and save time on yard work. Implementing these five suggestions will greatly improve both your effectiveness and your mood.

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Make Your Garden More Dog-Friendly with Artificial Pet Turf

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Does your dog have a habit of uprooting plants and digging up holes in your yard, so much so that you’re considering leaving your property bare of anything green? Consider using artificial pet turf. Synthetic grass for pets is highly resilient against canine-induced damage. Read on to get the lowdown on its advantages.

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DIY Petscape: 7 Essential Tools for Installing Artificial Grass for Pets


Tired of your dog bringing dirt into your house, but don’t want to sacrifice their running space? Build a petscape using quality artificial grass for pets! Synthetic turf is the perfect alternative to natural grass — it’s dirt-free, easy to maintain, and comes with a reliable drainage system!

Looking to save on cost by doing the installation yourself? Using the right tools may mean the difference between artificial grass that constantly needs upkeep and turf that lasts all year-long.

7 Tools You’ll Need to Install Synthetic Turf for Pets

Make sure your turf is installed to last for decades with the right equipment. Here are seven tools you’ll need to successfully install artificial grass for your pets and ensure a perfect finish:

  1. Turf Cutter

One of the most essential tools, a turf cutter is a self-propelled machine used to cut layers of soil and grass to reveal the ground underneath. Get this from your local tool hire shops for a small cost, and say goodbye to painstaking digging.

  1. Pick

Easily reach all spots of the lawn with a reliable pick. Use it to remove big rocks and tree stumps and scrape away the turf as easily and quickly as possible.

  1. Wheelbarrow

Preparing the ground is the most significant aspect of any grass project. With a wheelbarrow, you no longer have to spend a big chunk of your precious time carrying rolls of turf in and out of your garden. A wheelbarrow will help you take out excavations from the garden and easily put aggregates in the sub-base.

  1. Shovel

This tool allows you to clear the space from stones and branches and distribute your base material across the lawn space before laying out your synthetic grass for dogs. A shovel can also be used to fill up the wheelbarrow with aggregates for the sub-base.

  1. Hammer

A hammer is needed to place nails or pins around your lawn’s border. For your convenience, use a hammer that has a long handle to drive in longer turf nails easily.

  1. Tape Measure

A tape measure ensures accurate measurement of your turf layout. Remember to review your measurements from time to time to ensure that you have sufficient grass for covering the whole area. To make sure that all bases are covered with synthetic turf, it is recommended that you add 12 to 24 inches to the measurements.

  1. Scissors

Keep sharp scissors close-by when working on your artificial lawn. This comes in handy when you need to trim grass blades from time to time or trim raised fibers along the length of the join.

Have All Tools at Your Disposal

Having a complete set of turf installation tools will ensure that you have your artificial grass petscape finished on time. To get all the tools and artificial turf accessories you need, visit Artificial Turf Express’ showroom at 370 Umbarger Rd, Suite B, San Jose, California, and our staff will be glad to assist you!