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Get Your LEED Certification with Synthetic Grass

artificial turf enironmentally friendly?

What is LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification is a great benefit for business owners and synthetic grass can help you achieve it. The U.S. Green Building Council said that it “provides building owners and operators a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions.”

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Did You Know You Can Reduce Grass Allergies This Fall With Artificial Turf?

grass allergies solved by turf

When it comes allergies a lot of people think they hit hardest in the Spring. It can depend on the types of things you allergic to, however Ragweed the #1 thing that causes allergies in the fall.

So instead of enjoying the cool nights of Fall in their backyard, many are left sitting inside binge watching Netflix feeling very grumpy they can’t hang outside. No enjoying that calm, relaxing hammock swing, candlelit dinners on the backyard patio furniture, or playing with your dogs or kids in the plush grass. That grass may look inviting and enjoyable but not enough to open those sliding glass doors wide and venturing out for fear of the awful allergy strike.

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Create A Golfer’s Dream – Your Very Own Affordable Putting Green

artificial putting green

With warm weather kicking in this summer, are you looking for a means to enhance your golf game, bond with your kid, or toss a laid-back celebration? Placing a putting green in your yard is a great way to improve your home and enhance your lifestyle!

As a lot of golf enthusiasts recognize, putting greens are carefully taken care of, are cut short and smooth, which is not only challenging to upkeep but also time-consuming with an all-natural lawn. Which is why putting a natural putting area in your backyard isn’t ideal. Not to mention a natural putting green isn’t an excellent place to put due to the dips, holes, and weeds that get in your way.

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The Perfect Landscape Option for California – Artificial Turf

Synthetic Grass The Best Replacement For A Natural Lawn

Are you looking for a backyard oasis that’s attractive, as well as low-maintenance all the time? If you’ve attempted having a regular yard, yet your water expenses are sky high (particularly in California) and your lawn turns to an ugly brown mess when you slack off, there is an alternative you could consider. Some individuals give up on their lawn space and convert the area to a flagstone patio area, with a mix of mulch, bushes, and other desert landscape techniques like a rock garden. Don’t give up on your lawn. There is an ideal situation if you wish to have fun with your kids or pet in your backyard. That option is artificial turf.

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Using Synthetic Grass for Dogs at Pet Facilities

synthetic turf for dogs

When it’s time for a vacation and you have to leave your furry friend behind, what do you seek in a dog boarder? After cleanliness, a safe atmosphere, and a helpful staff, the pet facility should have a great outdoor facility to allow for your pup to play and release all of their energy! Which is why you should look for a pet facility with a lawn made of synthetic grass for dogs! This type of lawn gives your dog a great where they can smell, scrape, dig, nose, race, roll and play. They could lie in the shade, go after squirrels, bark up trees and more. A big area of yard creates really happy pup!

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Learn How Synthetic Turf Has Changed Since Its Creation

synthetic turf

The trend in recent years is individuals changing to a synthetic yard for its cost-effectiveness, as well as environmental factors. There have been many turf debates questioning the use of an artificial lawn, but more and more people have started switching their lawns to artificial turf. It was initially introduced on football fields in the 1960s, but now critics are finding out the advantages of having it in their yard. Today, Home Owner Associates, schools, as well as various other companies have actually realized the benefits and the lifetime of savings that come from synthetic grass, which has increased its installation rate. So is artificial grass the lawn of the future? We think so!

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Why You Should Use Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

synthetic turf for dogs

If you have a pet you know how hard it is to keep them happy, satisfied, and having fun. Finding the perfect environment for them, whether it be a bed of pillows or a backyard or plush grass, takes effort. The solution to that problem in your backyard is to put down artificial grass. This not only makes your dog happier and cleaner, it gives you a prettier backyard.

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Applications for Artificial Turf That May Surprise You

Synthetic turf is often associated with using it on sports fields, putting greens, and other commercial places such as that. However, it can be used in many more instances than just that. Here are a few options you have when considering where to place your artificial turf.


Artificial turf can be used in more than just rectangular or circular places. Playground are always oddly shaped and are also always a great place to install synthetic turf. Because playgrounds see a lot activity, it’s great for the durable, soft, clean surface kids can play on. Picture your kids sliding, playing, jumping, and running on synthetic turf today!

Pet Turf for Dog Parks

Synthetic turf is often used in dog parks for a number of reasons:

1) There is now dirt or mud and all dogs stay clean… except for maybe a bit of slobber!

2) No bacteria can form which means your dog stays safe

3) The surface is dog-proof which means no digging, scratching, or pawing through it


If you’re looking to improve the look of your property, synthetic turf is a great option. There are so many different sizes and styles to fit the needs of your back or front yard. It looks just like a natural lawn but with all of the benefits of synthetic grass. It will improve your curb appeal or beautify your backyard.

Sports Fields

You’ve probably seen synthetic grass on football fields but few realize how many different types of sports fields are good for artificial turf. It’s used mainly because of it’s consistency and durability but also because it’s easily customizable with paint and logos. It provides a clean, even surface with is the best for a fair game.


Synthetic turf provides a great surface and experience whether you’re kicking a ball or laying in your hammock. It’s made from recycled tires and conserves water so it’s also very environmental friendly. Get in touch with us today to learn more 408.606.9550.


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Go Green By Installing Artificial Turf

artificial turf solutions

Going green only starts with one person: you. There are so many different strategies to conserve water, the one we’re going to talk about is changing your landscape. Installing artificial turf lawn will completely reduce the amount of water you use on watering. Of course you’ll still water your plants and flowers but think about how much less water you’ll use on your lawn. It’s an eco-friendly idea and saves thousands of gallons thus reducing impact and saving clean drinking water.

Ever thought about the reason we waste thousands of gallons just to water a lawn?

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The Benefits of Artificial Turf

DIY Projects With Artificial Turf

You know the feeling when you’re running down the field and your foot gets caught in a little dip in the grass and you almost sprain your ankle? That never happens on synthetic turf. It’s always level, clear, and consistent which means you can see the boundaries, goal lines, etc. There are also no issues with balls rolling or bouncing oddly whether it’s a field hockey ball, soccer ball, or  football. On synthetic turf, any ball will roll smoothly over it and there will be significantly less sprained ankles or other injuries due to not level surfaces. Granted, you still need to make sure all obstacles are out of the way!

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