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Don’t Cut Grass, Cut Time & Money with Synthetic Turf

Cut time and money with synthetic turf

Excited about cutting grass? Ready to spend more money on lawn care? We know your not and we are here to help with synthetic turf. Stop spending your hard earned cash and valuable time on lawn upkeep. Installing synthetic turf on your property can eliminate the time spent on maintaining your natural lawn. Simple things […]


Learn How Synthetic Turf Has Changed Since Its Creation

synthetic turf

The trend in recent years is individuals changing to a synthetic yard for its cost-effectiveness, as well as environmental factors. There have been many turf debates questioning the use of an artificial lawn, but more and more people have started switching their lawns to artificial turf. It was initially introduced on football fields in the […]


5 Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Yard

5 Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Yard

5 Drought Tolerant Plants for Your Yard We all know that switching from natural lawns to artificial turf can save a ton of water. However if you’re still watering other plants on your property, your water bill still has a way to go. Over the last few years, we have seen many people converting their […]


The Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass

environmental benefits of artificial grass

The 3 Major Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass There are many environmental benefits of synthetic grass. Not only does it reduce your landscape maintenance costs, but it also benefits our environment. Let’s look at some of the ways: Saving water Based on current EPA water usage statistics, the average American family uses 320 gallons of […]


UC Davis Medical Center Installs Synthetic Grass

UC Davis Medical Center Installs Synthetic Grass

UC Davis Medical Center Installs Synthetic Grass In our state’s capital, the UC Davis Medical Center installs synthetic grass. They selected artificial grass as the centerpiece of their massive aesthetic renovations to their main campus in Sacramento. The work was done by Heavenly Greens, another artificial turf installation company in San Jose. The entirety of […]


Backyard Artificial Grass Benefits: A Cleaner Pool

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4 Benefits of Backyard Artificial Grass People with pools at home find many the advantages of getting backyard artificial grass installed. They find that artificial grass is very versatile and can be used on outdoor patios, as well as decks, and even for above ground swimming pools. Standard lawn systems dry out rapidly, and are tarnished and stained by chlorine or other […]


The Actual Cost of Artificial Turf

synthetic grass improves property values

The Actual Cost of Artificial Turf One of the questions that we’re frequently asked is, “What is the actual cost of artificial turf?” Unfortunately, that question isn’t always easy to answer. It’s important to consider many things when buying turf. The biggest consideration to affect the cost of artificial turf is whether you’re or not […]


What You Need to Know About Artificial Turf on Concrete

artificial turf on concrete

Placing Artificial Turf on Concrete Synthetic grass can be placed on nearly any type of surface area. Numerous health clubs and gyms are putting artificial turf on concrete rather than carpeting. This partially due to its appearance and also because it helps athletes in their training. Turf provides better traction than concrete, which can be hugely beneficial for an exercise […]


A Natural Looking Synthetic Turf Lawn


Dreaming of a lush, green lawn rather than a dry, brown patch of dirt?  Tired of all the maintenance your grass requires – the precious time you spend mowing, weeding, fertilizing and watering it, not to mention those water bills when they arrive? Artificial turf is the natural-looking solution that will provide the perfect, lush […]


Why Synthetic Turf is Perfect for Event Spaces

Hotel artificial grass

Artificial grass can provide attractive, low-maintenance and functional spaces ideal for community events, concerts and more. As of the end of 2014, 40-45 million square feet of synthetic grass for landscape has been installed in the United States, according to the Synthetic Turf Council. It is a fast growing segment of the artificial turf market, […]


Companies and State Officials Reflect on the Worst California Drought

You see it every day, California drought.  Hear it everyday, California drought. Sixty percent of California is in “exceptional drought” and unfortunately, it does not appear that there is a high chance of that condition being alleviated this winter. Kevin Werner, the western regional climate services director at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says, […]