weed control for synthetic grass

3 Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Synthetic Lawn


 3 Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Synthetic Lawn Generally speaking, synthetic lawns are far more durable than a natural lawn. As many people know, natural lawns are subject to damage from pets, or heavy foot traffic, or the changing seasons. With synthetic grass, these are not issues, but there are some other things to consider. […]

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Weed control artificial grass maintenance

Weed Control for Synthetic Grass: Part Two


 Weed Control for Synthetic Grass This is the second article in our series about weed control for synthetic grass. We are often asked about what you preventative measures you can take to prevent weed growth. Obviously, spilling sugary drinks like soda or spitting sunflower seeds on the turf are bad ideas. But do those things actually prevent […]

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weed control for synthetic grass

Weed Control for Artificial Grass: Part One


 Weed Control for Artificial Grass: What You Need to Know Weeds: More Insidious than Meets the Eye People often come to us with questions about weed control for artificial grass. There is a lot to know, and people are often mystified when weeds grow around or through their turf. What’s worse, not all turf installations […]

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synthetic grass for fall

Synthetic Grass Maintenance for Fall


 Synthetic Grass Maintenance: What to do for the changing season The daylight hours are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. We’re seeing frost on our cars in the morning, and bundling up in the evening. The leaves are changing from green to beautiful oranges and browns, and this can only mean one thing – […]

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best uses for artificial grass

Top 4 Creative Uses for Synthetic Grass


 Best Uses for Synthetic Grass: Honing your creativity At Artificial Turf Express, we are always astounded at all of the creative uses for synthetic grass. We often get to see people apply their creativity into their turf installations, and we have assisted customers with many projects. Here are some of the coolest uses for synthetic grass […]

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synthetic turf backyard playground

What to know about artificial grass financing plans


 Artificial Grass Financing Plans At our warehouse, people often ask us about artificial grass financing plans. More specifically, they ask if they are available, and what do these financing plans entail? We have said many times that installing artificial turf is an investment. You reap the benefits over time in water savings, maintenance savings, saving […]

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artificial turf for agility training in gym

Artificial Grass for Agility Training: A New Way to Get Fit


 Artificial Grass for Agility Training Many local gyms have installed artificial grass for agility training in their facilities. These include Gold’s Gym, Bay Club, and many others. It has been increasingly popular in recent years because of its potential to improve cardiovascular health. Some of these benefits include: Significant reduction of standard athletic bodily damage from poor shock absorption. Muscle […]

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artificial turf production process

The Artificial Grass Production Process


 The Artificial Grass Production Process Many early models of synthetic grass gained a reputation for discoloration. The vintage artificial grass production process was far less sophisticated than what we have today. Under direct exposure to sunlight, turf fibers begin to discolor at a disconcerting rate. After a couple of years, synthetic turf will look bland and unimpressive. This eventually became the general […]

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FAQs about artificial grass

Most Important FAQs About Artificial Grass


 FAQs About Artificial Grass Many customers come to us to get the highest quality artificial grass in the San Jose area. Usually, before you make a purchase like this, you want some general information, such as FAQs about artificial grass, best installation techniques, or safety information. The purpose of this article is to give you […]

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creative uses for synthetic lawns

Creative Uses for Synthetic Turf


 Looking for more creative uses for synthetic turf? Here are some of our suggestions! Synthetic lawns are often used for sports, however property owners are uncovering that having a drought-resistant lawn could hold numerous advantages. Also, that there are many creative uses for synthetic turf that aren’t usually considered. Considering that artificial turf needs no mowing, […]

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drought tolerant artificial turf

Drought Tolerant Artificial Grass Gets Much Needed Legislation


 Drought Tolerant Artificial Grass’ New Legislation California’s historic drought has continued for many years now, and many legislators are now looking into updating old laws regarding artificial turf. Historically, installing artificial turf was not always easy for homeowners. There were many provisions surrounding the installation process, and some locales were flat-out banning artificial turf. Metropolitan code, […]

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environmental benefits of artificial grass

The Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass


 The 3 Major Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass There are many environmental benefits of synthetic grass. Not only does it reduce your landscape maintenance costs, but it also benefits our environment. Let’s look at some of the ways: Saving water Based on current EPA water usage statistics, the average American family uses 320 gallons of […]

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