Unknown Benefits of Synthetic Turf – Lose The Insects


 Many people don’t know the many benefits of artificial turf. The commons ones are often highlighted, while the lesser known benefits remain uncovered. In this article, we will highlight one unknown benefit of synthetic turf – How it helps eliminate the number of insects in your yard! Biting ants and having to swat away mosquitoes […]

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dog kennel artificial grass

Installing Artificial Grass Can Save Water!


 USA TODAY recently reported that water rates in the United States have risen over the last 12 years. In some places, it has nearly doubled or even tripled. San Francisco specifically has risen around 211 percent during this 12 year research period. Water is a very valuable resource we use in all areas of life, […]

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Synthetic Grass Is More Realistic and Durable Than Ever!


 Homeowners all over California are switching from a natural lawn to synthetic grass. Why you ask? There are many reasons Californians are converting their lawn, but recent surveys show durability and being more realistic top the charts. The technological advancement in the artificial turf industry has changed the look and feel of artificial turf greatly […]

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