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The History and Evolution of Artificial Turf


 Artificial grass has come a long way since fall of 1966, when The Houston Oilers AFL football season began on more than 125,000 square feet of removable Astroturf. Installed in the Houston Astrodome and used for both football and baseball fields, this marked the first time that synthetic turf was used in pro sports. The use of artificial turf became […]

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Puppy Proofing Your Home With Artificial Grass for Dogs


 From those big brown eyes to those giant paws, the newest addition to your home can become an added challenge. “Puppy-proofing” can potentially be a long-winded process that takes up much time, effort, and money. In fact, some may even compare it to the excruciating process of baby-proofing a house. However, it definitely has its […]

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Ready to Retire the Lawnmower – Synthetic Grass May be a Cut Above


 When you look at your backyard do you see a lush lawn — the kind that your children can romp around on, the cat can graze on and the dog can lie on while basking in the sun? The kind of lawn that’s freshly mowed, that’s ever green and never spotty? Perhaps it’s the kind […]

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Sticking It – 10 Adhesive Tips for Synthetic Turf Installation


 Synthetic turf, playground, landscape, and other recreational surfaces are installed at hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, traffic islands, apartments and condominiums, patios, sun decks, terraces, swimming pools, golf courses, golf tees and putting greens, etc. A good appearance and long term durability are required by these installations. Additionally, synthetic turf is also increasingly being used […]

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Time to bury the artificial debate over synthetic turf


 For a city famous for innovation, things move slowly in San Francisco. Haven’t we been debating the proposed soccer fields at the Beach Chalet in Golden Gate Park for eons? We have. A search of The Chronicle’s archives finds a soccer field improvement proposal from 2001. Now, finally, the November election seems likely to settle […]

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Synthetic Lawn Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)


   Is synthetic lawn pet friendly? Absolutely! The drainage holes allow the urine to drain through the product to the base. Depending on the amount of rain in your specific area, homeowners may need to hose off these areas to help the drainage process. With dogs, it is also recommended to use something like Simple Green® […]

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Artificial Grass Provides Year Round Curb Appeal


 Artificial grass has been used for several landscaping areas because of its many benefits. With its realistic and durable nature, artificial grass can be used not only for backyards, but also for front yards. For many homeowners, their front yards are their pride and joy-something they look forward to maintaining for several years. A front […]

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Synthetic Turf offers options during drought


 No mowing and saves water, too? Synthetic turf indeed sounds like the perfect lawn for parched landscapes. Recent technological innovations make today’s fake grass look better than the real thing. Dogs like it. Neighbors can’t tell the difference. And in the grips of prolonged drought, a no-water green space has its appeal. But artificial turf […]

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Artificial turf, an attractive option for drought-tolerant landscaping


 As drought levels continue to rise, home and business owners in hot, arid climates seek alternatives to water-intensive natural turf grass. Water restrictions are in place for many areas of the country, and some drought-stricken areas like here in California are offering rebate programs for those replacing their natural grass lawns with water-wise plants or artificial turf landscaping. […]

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8 Tips to Maintain A Clean and Beautiful Artificial Lawn


 Synthetic grass is much easier to care for than natural grass. You do not have to drag a heavy bag of smelly fertilizer around. There is no need to use harsh chemicals that could raise allergies. And the biggest bonus of all – you don’t have to waste your weekends trying to start the lawn […]

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Artificial Turf Express - Synthetic Grass

Tools needed for D.I.Y. Synthetic Grass Installation


 Getting ready to install your Artificial Turf Express synthetic grass but not sure where to start? The ATE team has put together a list of tools needed to make your installation as easy as possible. Specialty Tools: • Seaming Cloth (1 roll = 15 feet) • Seaming Glue (1 qt. = 15 feet) • Landscape […]

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Artificial Turf Express Installation Guide


  Everything you need to install artificial turf. Artificial Grass Warehouse and Superstore. All products in stock and ready for pick-up. Same day pick up or call ahead. San Jose CA. >>>Click Here for our Free Do it Yourself Guide<<<

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