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Improve Your Business by Installing Synthetic Turf

synthetic turf for businesses

Synthetic turf is becoming more popular for residential use, but some may not realize it can be extremely beneficial to businesses as well. You can improve your overall business environment by installing synthetic turf. Improve Beauty with Synthetic Turf Your business property is the first impression your customers will see. They will develop an impression […]


Athletic Facilities Thrive on Artificial Grass

artificial turf for agility training in gym

If you are considering a new sports facility or gym with an artificial turf surface, Artificial Turf Express can help you with the process. Let us upgrade your facility and not only lower maintenance costs, but improve your user’s experience. Artificial turf provides the perfect surface for most recreational activities and gyms. Not only is […]


Learn How Synthetic Turf Has Changed Since Its Creation

synthetic turf

The trend in recent years is individuals changing to a synthetic yard for its cost-effectiveness, as well as environmental factors. There have been many turf debates questioning the use of an artificial lawn, but more and more people have started switching their lawns to artificial turf. It was initially introduced on football fields in the […]


Spend More Time Enjoying Your Artificial Turf Than Maintaining It This Summer

enjoy summer with artificial turf

Most individuals appreciate summer season for the relaxing warm days, with trips, swimming, bbqs, and also hanging out with friends and family. Trimming the grass, nonetheless, is one of the least enjoyable parts of the summer. It’s also not very fun to worry about whether your grass is obtaining adequate water or not. Thankfully, with a low […]


Ready To Create A Home Putting Green? Follow These Steps

Home Putting Green

Whether you are a golf beginner or you really want to be a golf pro, establishing a home putting green could be an excellent financial investment. After your day job, trying to practice will no longer require lengthy drives to the fairway, as well as the pricey admission fees. Rather, you can kick back, take your time, […]


Artificial Turf Dog Parks – A sustainable place for our furry friends

synthetic grass dog park

Artificial Turf Dog Parks – Why people are choosing synthetic grass Many of our customers have been asking us questions about building artificial turf dog parks. We’ve seen them pop up all over the Bay Area. From the Perc Ponds dog park in Campbell to the Del Monte Dog Park in San Jose, it’s no wondering why […]


Astro Turf Bankruptcy: World’s Oldest Turf Company Loses Patent Lawsuit

astro turf bankruptcy

  What Happened with the Astro Turf Bankruptcy? Synthetic turf has been around for more than half a century. It has ended up being an essential for leisure parks, play areas, college sports areas, business property, and also landscape applications. Its capacity to conserve countless gallons of water has made it among one of the most […]