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Learn How Artificial Turf Has Changed From Its Past Designs

new artificial turf

The artificial turf industry has gone through massive changes since it was first used on athletic fields in the 1960’s. Today’s synthetic grass looks and feels more natural and is safer for you and your family than ever before. Old Days, Old Ways In the old days, artificial turf was short and resembled an outdoor […]


Unknown Benefits of Synthetic Turf – Lose The Insects

Many people don’t know the many benefits of artificial turf. The commons ones are often highlighted, while the lesser known benefits remain uncovered. In this article, we will highlight one unknown benefit of synthetic turf – How it helps eliminate the number of insects in your yard! Biting ants and having to swat away mosquitoes […]


Synthetic Grass Is More Realistic and Durable Than Ever!

Homeowners all over California are switching from a natural lawn to synthetic grass. Why you ask? There are many reasons Californians are converting their lawn, but recent surveys show durability and being more realistic top the charts. The technological advancement in the artificial turf industry has changed the look and feel of artificial turf greatly […]


Business Owners Are Turning To Artificial Grass Instead of Outdoor Carpeting

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Installing outdoor spaces around businesses, companies, and corporations is a great way to expand your workspace for employees to spend their lunches or breaks on. It’s also a great way to provide play areas for employee children to enjoy. Even if your employees don’t use the area, it is also a great way to attract […]


FAQs about Artificial Turf And What You Can Expect

FAQs about Artificial Turf

We’ve remained in the artificial turf business for a long period of time and we understand that, while there might be some concern when it involves installing turf as opposed to growing it naturally, the reason is the majority of people are just confused about the facts of synthetic turf. So it’s critical that you know the FAQs around artificial grass, so […]


5 Reasons You Should Get An Artificial Lawn

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Are you doubtful of utilizing artificial grass on your lawn? You’re not the only one. That’s because many individuals have no idea of the benefits of making using synthetic turf. Below are the leading 5 reasons why you must landscape your home or business with artificial grass. 1. Low-Maintenance Say goodbye to pushing a lawn mower […]


How to Choose Your Contractor

how to choose your contractor use your intuition

How to Choose Your Contractor Many people are curious as to how they are going to find the right contractor for their artificial grass installation. There are a handful of ways to help narrow down whom is most qualified to man the helm of your artificial grass installation. In today’s blog we will be going […]


Interesting Ways To Use Artificial Grass

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Interesting Ways To Use Artificial Grass Customers have artificial grass installed for many reasons. Some customers like the look and feel of quality artificial grass. Many customers enjoy the lack of maintenance involved versus dealing with natural grass. And almost, if not, all customers enjoy the fact they save a ton on their water bill! […]