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Artificial Turf Keeps The Mess Outside! See How It Keeps Houses Clean

Artificial turf Keeps Your House Clean

Savvy homeowners who have done the research and decided to switch from natural grass lawns to artificial grass, find it much easier keeping their house clean. Artificial turf is much cleaner in general and doesn’t generate any waste. It retains its clean look without forcing you to spend hours working in the yard. Instead, you can enjoy your lawn and spend time with your family doing the things you love.

No Dirt or Mud

The cleanliness of artificial grass lies in the design. Artificial grass has an interwoven, mesh netting underneath. This means:

  • Water easily flows through and is drained away
  • The dirt and mud underneath are buffered from contact with the top layer

During the installation of artificial turf, the ground is prepared and smoothed over. A filler is applied along with a network of shallow channels that allow for excess water drainage. By creating channels, you create a way to allow drainage to be easily removed from the lawn without the formation of excess puddles and mud.

This means when conditions are wet and rainy, there is no way for mud to form. This means that children and pets are unlikely to track in mud through your home. In effect, the turf actually acts as a door matt. Allowing pets, children, and guests to walk across the yard in the worst conditions but still minimizing the mess in your home. The turf will brush away the dirt and debris that normally occur with a natural lawn giving you more time to enjoy your home instead of cleaning up messes.

No Grass Clippings and Lawn Debris with Artificial Turf

A lot of the mess associated with natural grass comes from the maintenance. Mowing, edging, and seed planting creates large messes that can be tracked in. This can stain shoes and clothing and will stick to almost anything. Installing artificial grass eliminates clippings and the worry of having them brought into the home.
However, lawn debris also includes sticks, twigs, and pet waste. Artificial turf can eliminate grass clippings but doesn’t stop this debris from accumulating. It does make it easier to clean this debris up. Due to the design of the turf, it is much less likely for natural lawn debris to become embedded within it. Homeowners can use tools like a lawn rake or leaf blower to efficiently remove these impediments with little effort.

Less Dust and Fewer Allergens

One of the most important benefits artificial grass offers to homeowners is less dust and fewer allergens. Artificial turf limits the amount of dust since it is designed to buffer the underlying dirt from the top of your yard. When dirt gets dry, dust is formed. This dust then becomes airborne and it can enter your home through your windows, open doors, and air vents.

When it comes to allergens, grass and weeds are the main culprits. These are the main contributors to upper respiratory allergies. Homeowners who have children with allergies often consider artificial turf as a means of effectively eliminating the contributing allergens. Installing artificial turf eliminates the grass and weeds that produce the allergens that cause the distressing symptoms many children endure during the long summer months.

Naturally, the amount of pollen present around your home is dictated by the number of live plants present. While you can’t help the amount produced from trees and flowers, not having a natural grass lawn will nullify the most irritating allergens for yourself and children. Learn about the other health benefits you can expect from installing turf.

These are just a few of the things you can eliminate with artificial turf. Don’t let your house become dirty because of your lawn any longer. Make the smart choice and switch to turf.

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5 Drought Problems You Can Solve With Synthetic Grass

Backyard synthetic Grass

Droughts can strike anywhere. When these are prolonged, local governments will enact water restrictions to ensure there is enough water for the necessities of life. Naturally, when this happens, lawns and other outdoor plants are the first to struggle. In areas where drought problems occur frequently, homeowners must work much harder to maintain their lawns through every season and climate change. Fortunately, artificial grass provides homeowners the ability to keep their lawn looking beautiful without having to worry about local legislation involving water restrictions. Continue reading 5 Drought Problems You Can Solve With Synthetic Grass

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Artificial Grass and Families Are The Perfect Fit. Learn Why!

family on artificial grass

Homeowners and their pets love artificial turf for a variety of reasons. Property owners choose to install it because it is easy to maintain, enhances the home’s curb appeal, and increases its resale value. For pets, there are advantages as well that we will dive in below! Continue reading Artificial Grass and Families Are The Perfect Fit. Learn Why!

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Artificial Turf Questions? Let Us Answer The Most Frequently Asked!

artificial turf questions

There are many reasons people look to artificial turf for their home or office. Some common reasons are it’s low-maintenance, its aesthetics, and its durability in extreme weather make it an awesome solution to common landscaping problems. Those interested in this product come to us with questions about artificial turf all the time and below are some of the most common questions. Continue reading Artificial Turf Questions? Let Us Answer The Most Frequently Asked!

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Synthetic Grass For Playgrounds… Learn Why It’s The Best Option

playground artificial turf kid-safe

People installing playgrounds for their children want the safest environment possible. They also want it to look good and be an overall pleasant space that kids can enjoy. These reasons are two that are leading people to look more at synthetic grass for playgrounds. Continue reading Synthetic Grass For Playgrounds… Learn Why It’s The Best Option

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Learn How Artificial Turf Has A Positive Impact On The Environment

Environmentally friendly artificial turf

Many may wonder if artificial turf is safe for the environment. It’s a valid question. Some may think that a synthetic product that replaces a natural product would have a negative impact on the environment. Actually, artificial turf is incredibly environmentally friendly. Continue reading Learn How Artificial Turf Has A Positive Impact On The Environment

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Eliminate Grass Stains By Installing Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass stops grass stains

Summer produces many positive memories. Some of the best memories for children are playing outside. However, playing outside doesn’t always produce great memories for parents who then must figure out how to get grass and mud stains out of clothes. Synthetic grass offers a solution to this common problem. Continue reading Eliminate Grass Stains By Installing Synthetic Grass

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Eliminate Common Backyard Problems by Installing Artificial Grass

artificial grass solves lawn problems

Synthetic turf is finding popularity among homeowners because of its beauty, lower maintenance, and long-term cost savings. Residential customers are also finding they can eliminate common backyard problems by installing artificial grass. Continue reading Eliminate Common Backyard Problems by Installing Artificial Grass

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Clueless About Synthetic Grass Maintenance? Here is all you need to know!

synthetic grass maintenance

Those considering synthetic grass for their home lawn sometimes pause because they aren’t sure what is involved in maintaining it. The installation has an upfront cost, so people don’t want to jeopardize their investment with a lack of knowledge regarding upkeep.

Synthetic grass maintenance isn’t a complicated subject, but there are some things to be aware of before installation. Understanding your product and its maintenance requirements goes a long way to developing routine maintenance habits.

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Looking for a unique landscape solution? Look no farther than Artificial Turf

artificial turf solutions

Those who have troublesome yards should consider artificial turf to overcome both challenging areas and lawn boredom.

Let’s face it. Lawns are a lot of trouble. That is especially true if you are trying to save your grass in the middle of a scorcher summer, or if your soil just isn’t up to par. These are just some of the issues that make yards perfect for artificial turf.